Licences – Commercial and large grant funded research

The ICIQ modules and associated translations are copyrighted and the agreement to our terms (User Agreement) is required before permission may be granted for their use.

We ask on the electronic request form that the user declares whether the modules are to be utilised for commercial, research or clinical purposes. Commercial and some research organisations will be asked to pay royalties for permission to use the modules. Any monies raised will be used to fund the charitable non-profit research and development carried out by the ICIQ group.

ICIQ pricing model

If the intended use of the modules incurs a charge please contact us directly by filling in the request form declaring the appropriate category. We will reply as soon as possible to your enquiry.

Pricing category




Research (small grants or student projects)


Research (NIHR funded  or other nationally funded equivalent)

£1000 per module or translation

Commercial (including use in clinical trials)  

£2000 per module or translation