International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire Satisfaction

The ICIQ-S assesses aspects of experience, expectations, and outcomes to evaluate satisfaction after urological surgery. After further testing, the intention is for the ICIQ-S to be widely applicable for use in clinical practice and research after both urological and gynaecological surgical procedures. A further questionnaire to assess patient satisfaction after urological investigations (e.g. urodynamics) is also under development.

Number of items: 14

Question items:

  • Outcome success
  • Comparison of symptoms
  • Return to ‘normal life’
  • Same situation, same choice
  • Recommend
  • Current symptoms
  • Prepared for surgery
  • Satisfaction of explanation
  • Pain after surgery
  • Satisfaction of pain relief
  • Current pain
  • Complications/side effects
  • Result of surgery
  • Satisfaction of surgery

Associated publications:
Uren AD, Cotterill N, Hashim H, Worthington J, Kapoor D, Abrams P. International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire-Satisfaction: psychometric testing of a new patient-reported outcome measure for the evaluation of satisfaction after urological surgery. BJU Int. 2020 Apr 22;

Level of validation according to ICI grades of recommendation:
Not assessed

Completion time:
A few minutes

A scoring system has been derived that consists of two parts: a score for the evaluation of satisfaction with ‘surgical outcomes’ (ICIQ-S outcome score, range 0-24); and the overall satisfaction with surgery item, scored 0-10. The other seven standalone items for experience and expectations may be used according to clinical circumstances.

Available languages:
English German Thai