International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire – Cognitively Impaired Adults (ICIQ-Cog)

The ICIQ-Cog aims to measure the disease-related impact of incontinence in cognitively impaired adults and the efforts associated with the care of this population. Construction of two short standardised questionnaires to assess:
1. central aspects of disease-specific symptom-related impact of incontinence in cognitively impaired adults: ICIQ-Cog-P (Impaired Cognition in persons affected) and
2. the level of nursing care efforts with respect to the target group (cognitive impaired patients with incontinence): ICIQ-Cog-C (carere Efforts). It is currently under development and in the translation process with the plan to go into an English speaking institution when complete for testing and retesting. It is being led by University Professor Dr. Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns.

Associated publications:
Volz-Sidiropoulou, E., Rings, T., Wagg, A.S., Leistner, N., Gauggel, S., Kirschner-Hermanns, R., 2018. Development and initial psychometric properties of the “ICIQ-Cog”: a new assessment tool to measure the disease-related impact and care effort associated with incontinence in cognitively impaired adults. BJU Int. 122, 309–316