International Consultation on Incontinence Questionnaire Paediatric Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (ICIQ-CLUTS)

The ICIQ-CLUTS is a self-administered 12-item screening questionnaire for peadiatric LUTS. There are two versions of the questionnaire, 1 for children and 1 for parents/carer. It consists of 9 specific items investigating LUTS and 1 asks about weekly defecation frequency. It is suggested that due to literacy problems the child version of the questionnaire should only be administered to children over the age of 9 years. Responsiveness is yet to be tested for this module and we would happily invite further testing of this parameter to increase the robustness of this module.

Number of items: 12

Question items:

  • age
  • gender
  • pain/burning
  • bed wetting frequency
  • daytime leakage/wetting
  • frequency
  • urgency
  • delaying
  • straining
  • leakage with urgency
  • urgency not long after peeing
  • bowel movement frequency

Associated publications:
De Gennaro, M., Niero, M., Capitanucci, M.L., von Gontard, A., Woodward, M., Tubaro, A., Abrams, P., 2010. Validity of the international consultation on incontinence questionnaire-pediatric lower urinary tract symptoms: a screening questionnaire for children. J. Urol. 184, 1662–1667.

Level of validation according to ICI grades of recommendation:
Not yet graded

Completion time:
A few minutes

0-30 overall score

Available languages:
UK English · Kannada

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