User Policy

The policy we have in existence is that questionnaires can be used for research and clinical purposes, free of charge, by those companies who have contributed to the development of the ICIQ and by academic organisations/groups or clinicians.

Commercial groups who have not contributed to the development of the ICIQ to date will be expected to pay royalties in order to use the modules: any monies raised in this way will be used to fund the continuing development of the ICIQ. This fee stands at £2000 per module and £2000 per translation.

Accessing the ICIQ modules

Questionnaire access will be by completion of an electronic request form that will detail terms and conditions of use and require several details regarding intended use.

Questionnaires will be dispatched by email once the completed form has been received.

This will be the process for both use of questionnaires and for those wishing to become involved in further translation and validation studies.