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ICIQ-Female Sexual Matters associated with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Purpose of module The ICIQ-FLUTSsex is a patient-completed questionnaire for evaluating sexual matters associated with female lower urinary tract symptoms in research and clinical practice. This questionnaire will be of use to researchers and clinicians in both primary and secondary care institutions to obtain a brief yet comprehensive summary of female sexual matters and the impact of urinary symptoms on this. It will also facilitate patient-clinician discussions and is an ideal research tool to assess outcome from various treatment modalities and can be of use in epidemiological surveys.
Derivation of module BFLUTS
Intended Population Adult females
Number of items 4
Question items

Pain/discomfort because of dry vagina
Impact of urinary symptoms
Pain with sexual intercourse
Urine leakage with sexual intercourse


Lanuage versions available

Dutch for Belgium

German for Austria
UK English

Associated publications Jackson , S., Donovan, J., Brookes, S., Eckford, S., Swithinbank, L., & Abrams, P. The Bristol Female Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms questionnaire: development and psychometric testing. BJU . 1996; 77:805-812.
Level of validation according to ICI grades of recommendation

Grade A

Validity, reliability and responsiveness established with rigour in several data sets
Scoring system

0-14 overall score with greater values indicating increasing problems with sexual matters

Bother scales are not incorporated in the overall score but indicate impact of individual symptoms for the patient
Suggested modules to use in conjuction

ICIQ-FLUTS - Gender-specific symptom module
ICIQ-FLUTS Long Form - Gender-specific symptom module with more detailed assessment
ICIQ-LUTSqol – Condition-specific quality of life module

Completion time 1-2 minutes
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